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Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman and Senator from Florida joined the Guy Benson Show to double down on his call for President Biden to resign and discuss

Senator Scott doubled down on his calls for Biden to resign by saying,

“I mean, he we all know he can’t do the job. I mean, we what you’ve watched his press conference. I mean, he’s confused about what state I live in. He confuses the facts. I mean, you feel sorry for the guy because he know that he can’t do the job.”

Senator Scott also said that Vice President Kamala Harris couldn’t be any worse than Biden saying,

“I don’t know how it could be any worse. I mean, what could she what could possibly you look at the radical people he’s appointing to these to these boards and commissions and and how could she be any worse than what he is?”

Senator Scott added,

“I will not raise taxes. I didn’t, I fought it the whole time as governor. I cut taxes at least 100 times.”