‘Combustible Game’, Peter Doocy On Jen Psaki’s Refusal To Condemn Abortion Protests Outside Supreme Court Justices’ Homes

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Peter Doocy, Fox News Channel’s White House Correspondent joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about his back and forth with White House Press secretary Jen Psaki over the White House’s refusal to condemn planned protests by left-wing activists at the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices.

Doocy affirmed that the White House never condemned the protests at the justices’ homes by saying,

“No never happened. And, you know, we were looking at some of the scholars with big Twitter followings, started posting about this last night. There is a law that prohibits protesters from going to a justice’s house if their intention is to try to intimidate them or try to get them to try to interfere with a court proceeding. Well, the White House says that they hope the final Roe v Wade draft is different than. The leaked one. So what would these protesters then be doing with the support of the White House? They’d be going trying to get a different result. And so it’s almost like, it is not an explicit endorse. I don’t want to make it sound like endorsing. I’m accusing them of endorsing a criminal act. But, um, depending on how these things shake out. You know, we’ve seen, we’ve seen protests escalate, and it’s just it seems. It seems like a potentially very combustible game that the White House is playing with this.”

Doocy added,

“It seemed like it was pretty straightforward. I asked a couple of different ways and got the same answer, which is it’s okay to go to one of the conservative justices houses. Because we we know you’re upset.”