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Mollie Hemingway, Editor-in-Chief at The Federalist, Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss new polling that shows a majority of Americans support laws banning teachers from sexual orientation and gender identity talks in preschool to 4th Grade. A new FOX NEWS poll shows that 55% of Americans support such laws being implemented in their own states. Underscoring the popularity of Florida’s ‘Parental Rights In Education’ law, which Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law amid fierce backlash from democratic politicians and mega-corporations like Disney.

Hemmingway reacted to the new polling on laws that protect parental rights in education by saying,

“So these numbers are horrific for Disney and for other people. But, you know, it’s interesting because while there are all sorts of things to debate about again. Yeah, what type of constraints you put on talking to young children by school employees without parental consent. That’s a totally legitimate debate. But the way that corporate media caricatured this debate was horrible. And yet it still didn’t affect the way parents thought about it or just the vast majority of Americans in general.”