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Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about the recent surge in illegal immigration at the texas southern border as the deadline to lift ‘Title 42’ approaches.

Senator Cornyn blasted WH press secretary Jen Psaki for placing blame on Texas for the tragic death of a Texas National Guardsman trying to manage the surge in illegal border crossings by saying,

“That’s so irresponsible. And everybody knows that the U.S. Army excuse me that the Texas National Guard are doing jobs that should be done by the federal government. This is an international border. And the fact that she shows so little regard or sympathy or remorse for the loss of a soldier’s life, trying to rescue people because of a condition that they’ve created by the welcome mat they’ve laid out for illegal immigration into the country is just despicable. I wish President Biden and Vice President Harris would do what you’ve done, and that is go to the border and talk to the experts. But they’re not even interested in being educated on this topic.”

Senator Cornyn further criticized the Biden administration’s handling of illegal immigration by saying,

“We always knew that Title 42 was going to go away at some point. But the real problem is the Biden administration has shown no willingness at all to enforce the border against illegal immigration or to change the broken policy on asylum, which will limit and not encourage people coming to the United States and simply melting into the great American landscape.”