Wilfred Reilly: Black Lives Matter Has Led To A 63% Jump In Black Fatal Homicides

Wilfred Reilly, associate professor of political science at Kentucky State University joined Brian Kilmeade and discussed the increase in black homicide since the Black Lives Matter movement started. Reilly pointed out how in 2014 there were about 6,000 black homicides and after the Ferguson riots and the “Ferguson effect” that jumped to little under 8,000. Then last year, Reilly said there was about 9,900 recorded black murders. The effect of the Black Lives Matter movement has accounted for a jump of 63 % in black fatal homicides and Reilly calls out people like Ben Crump for drastically over inflating the number of unarmed black men shot by the police for fueling the BLM movement. Reilly also spoke about how Critical Race theory is nothing like the Civil Rights movement. Reilly believes most people, regardless of race and class truly want to help one another and it is CRT and BLM that are saying that if a white person wants to help the poor they are doing it for some crooked, manipulative reason.