Will Hurd: The More Weapons We Get To Ukrainians To Lay The Hammer On The Russians, The Better Off Everyone’s Going to Be

Will Hurd former Texas congressman, officer in the CIA and author of book “American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide to Getting Big Things Done“, tells Brian Kilmeade that the DHS predicts an additional 100,000 plus more people added to these crazy numbers of people crossing the border we are seeing every month once Title 42 ends. Hurd says the Biden administration has to stop treating everyone crossing the border as an asylum seeker and explained that there are not too many places in Latin and South America that meet asylum standards. On Ukraine, Hurd believes the West should be giving as many weapons to the Ukrainians as they can possibly handle, because the longer this goes on, the worse it is for the West. Hurd says the more weapons we get to the Ukrainians to lay the hammer to the Russians, the better off everyone’s going to be.

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