Pete Hegseth: How Analyzing The Cold War Can Give Us Context For What’s Happening In Ukraine Today

Co-host of “Fox and Friends Weekend” Pete Hegseth joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to talk about the new episode of his Fox Nation show, “Modern Warriors”, which focuses on the history of the Cold War.

“When this whole thing started in Ukraine with Putin, we all did our crash history on Ukraine and Kiev and Kharkiv and all of that. And so we said, let’s go to the experts, people who understood the Russian mindset under the Soviet Union. They were spies in Moscow. We had one that was a Foreign Service officer, but focused on Russia, another one who helped train Ukrainian forces before the invasion and then another guy who’s career CIA. So while we weren’t shooting at Russians during the Cold War, the whole game was a tug of war of trying to understand their intentions. And so if Putin’s trying to effectively bring back the USSR or make Russia great again, what’s his calculation? What’s his mindset? What works against him? What doesn’t? What might deter him? So it was fascinating to sit down with these three guys and one lady. She was a CIA spy in Moscow focused on targeting KGB agents.”

To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!