Kathie Lee Gifford: Getting People To Share The Jesus They Know In The Latest Fox Nation Special

Legendary television personality Kathie Lee Gifford joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to talk about the origins of her new Fox Nation special, “The Jesus I know”.

“In this book that I wrote called “The Jesus I know” it came out last December, and this series is a result of the success of that book, that’s 25 interviews with people. And it’s not the Jesus I know that I talk about in this. No, it’s the Jesus they know. And that’s what makes it interesting. You know, my Jesus I know, I’ve already done probably three books on that. This came from, my literary agent is very different. We’re trying to cookie-cutter everybody these days make exactly the same or get off my planet. He is as different as a person can be from me. First off, he’s a man, he’s Asian, he’s gay and he grew up Buddhist. I am none of those things. I love this man. I appreciate him and I respect him. And he said, Kathie you know, in the last few books that we’ve done together, my favorite parts of the conversations you’ve had with people about your faith and their faith, whether it’s Craig Ferguson, when you’re on a movie set in the Highlands in Scotland, my movie, “Then Came You”. Or it’s Al Pacino sitting in my garden and we’re playing a game. Or it’s Kevin Costner who calls me one day to help me out with a project. That’s been my world. That’s not to namedrop. That’s just where my stories come from.”

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