From Washington: The End Of Title 42

The Biden administration announced plans to officially lift the public health restriction policy on immigrants known as Title 42, however, there’s growing concern that that move could lead to an influx of migrants at the southern border. President of the National Immigration Forum, Ali Noorani joins to discuss why he thinks it’s time to lift Title 42 as the country moves past COVID, the legal process for migrants seeking asylum, and the role the government should play to deter migration from its source.

Three candidates are competing in Alabama’s hotly contested Senate race this fall.  Mike Durant is a former helicopter pilot who was shot down in Somalia in the early nineties, and Katie Britt is known for her work with Senator Richard Shelby whose seat is up for grabs. Congressman Mo Brooks is also vying for that title. He notably had and lost the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. He joins Jessica to discuss why he remains confident about his candidacy in the race.