Josh Rogin: President Biden Is Dragging His Feet On Ukraine Out Of A Fear Of Escalation That Exists Only In His Mind

Josh Rogin joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the latest on Ukraine. Rogin said because the Russians don’t play by any rules and the longer the war goes on, the more innocent people will be tortured and kills. Rogin believes we need to shorten the war by giving the Ukrainians the weapons that they need to push the Russians out and win the war and not just weapons that are helping them just survive. If people are really worried about World War III, Rogin says the best thing to do is defeat Putin now in Ukraine because that is what will stop this from spilling over into NATO. Rogin’s contention is that President Biden has been dragging his feet on Ukraine out of a fear of escalation that exists only in his mind because Putin was always going to escalate.