From Washington: Only Time Will Tell

Six weeks into the Russian war on Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s erratic behavior has kept the world on pins and needles. Western intelligence overestimated the military stamina of the Russian forces, according to President of IRIS Independent Research, Dr. Rebecca Grant, who believes that the United States and NATO forces were targets of Russia’s strategic military propaganda. As Russia repositions and Ukraine strategically fights back, questions regarding the length of this war continue to fluctuate.

As gas prices sky-rocket across the country and discussions regarding inflation persist, President Biden announces his plan to release one million barrels of oil daily in an effort to combat inflation and rising gas prices. FOX News White House Correspondent, Jacqui Heinrich provides insight on the President’s announcement. Later, Jacqui discusses the forthcoming departure of White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, as she transitions to a new role outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.