Will Hurd former Texas Congressman, officer in the CIA and author of the new book “American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide to Getting Big Things Done“, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about how the Biden Administration got the intelligence analysis wrong on Russian strength and Ukrainian resistance. Hurd feels we got the resolve of the Russians wrong and the levels the Ukrainians would go to defend their country. Hurd points to how the Ukrainians defended their country once before in 2014 when the Russians first went into Ukraine. When the Russians tried to go into Kyiv, Hurd points to how the Ukrainians pushed the Russians back when they had even less equipment and were less organized than they are now in their fight against Russia. Hurd believes we need to do everything we can to help Ukraine while they have momentum on their side. Hurd also wants the Biden Administration to do more to build a bigger posse of allies to deal with Russia and continuing Chinese aggression. Hurd is concerned many countries in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa are not participating in sanctions against Russia. Hurd wants America to work more at getting the rest of our hemisphere together in this fight against Russia.

Hurd also addressed the border crisis and the Biden administration ending Title 42. Hurd says we must stop treating everybody like an asylum seeker. Hurd believes he can make an argument you don’t need Title 42 in order to deport more people because you can’t come here illegally. Hurd went on to say, when you treat everybody as if they’re an asylum seeker, you impact the people that are truly asylum seekers. Another area that Hurd wants us to do more about is dismantling human smuggling networks. Hurd asks why are we not using the entire resources of the U.S. Intelligence Committee community to dismantle some of these operations? Hurd says we know the license plates of the busses and cell phones of those moving people across the border.

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