The ‘Tax The Rich’ Debate

On Monday, President Biden unveiled his $5.8 trillion budget proposal for 2023, which featured boosts to social spending and defense but most notably included a wealth tax on billionaires. The Biden administration has explained this tax would target the top 0.01 percent of American households to include the accruing value of unrealized capital gains. This billionaire tax proposal is already facing a difficult path forward, with GOP lawmakers against the proposal altogether and moderate Democratic lawmakers wavering on their support. Former Economic Adviser during the Obama Administration and CEO of 32Advisers Robert Wolf and Professor of Business and Economics at The King’s College Brian Brenberg join to break down what a billionaire tax would look like and the kind of economic impact it could have.

The 94th Oscars Ceremony left audiences speechless this past Sunday when comedian Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith after making a joke about the actor’s wife. Smith went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actor and later apologized for the altercation following the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ condemnation of Smith’s actions. FOX Across America’s Jimmy Failla, FOX Nation’s Tyrus, and comedian Alli Breen join the Rundown to talk about the controversial slap and what it means for discussions about race, masculinity, and the state of comedy in America today.

Plus, commentary from Pastor Robert Jeffress of the Dallas First Baptist Church.