Katie Pavlich On What Ending ‘Title 42’ Means For The Ongoing Border Crisis

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Katie Pavlich, Editor for Townhall.com & Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to react to reports that the Biden administration is set to end ‘Title 42’ border policy, which allows the government to turn away migrants at the southern border.

Pavlich explained why ending the ‘title 42’ policy would exasperate border control agents saying,
“The White House. Today, they keep saying that the title 42, which forces single adult males to wait in Mexico for their asylum, claims to be adjudicated. They keep saying it’s a CDC policy, but it’s a public health policy that they have nothing to do with it. And therefore it’s going to be CDC’s decision if they decide to repeal that and open the floodgates for thousands of single adult males per day from countries all over the world to flow into the country illegally and falsely claiming asylum. Now, the White House claims that they have no control over that because it’s a guideline from the Centers for Disease Control. But that’s not true because under the Trump administration, they had to remain in Mexico policy, which was implemented before COVID struck, and it was essentially the same thing as Title 42. It forced illegal immigrants to wait in Mexico for their cases to be considered their asylum cases to be considered. So in terms of how bad this is going to get, I saw earlier someone describing it like, remember that all the Haitians who were under the bridge last year? Yeah, thousands of them. That happening every single day at multiple ports on the border.”