‘Plays Into Putin’s Hands’, Gen. Jack Keane Sounds Off On Biden Remarks That Putin Cannot Remain In Power

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

General Jack Keane, is a retired 4-star general & Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the latest developments in the Russian-Ukraine war and react to President Biden’s speech in Poland over the weekend.

Gen Keane reacted to Biden’s attempt to clean up his prior gaffe from his speech in Poland saying,

“I mean, the sad thing about this is that I thought it was his best speech that he’s delivered in the months since the war has started. My one criticism of the content was I wish he had a little stronger identification with the Ukrainians achieving victory and pushing the Russians out of out of the country. But that aside, yeah, it was unfortunate that he answered that he used that statement, which we all feel. I mean, who wouldn’t have that feeling. Some of Ukrainians feel that as well? But there’s no such thing as a personal statement in a public speech by the president of the United States that it’s unfathomable that he actually concludes that he can do something like that. And it just caused such an unnecessary controversy. And you know, and suddenly, plays into Putin’s hands, I mean, part of his strategy with his own people is that the West is expanding and threatening us, and that’s how he cites all of the. NATO’s expansion has taken place since the collapse of the Soviet Union.”