Senator John Cornyn: It Is Shameful If President Biden Is Putting Pressure On Zelenskyy To Cut A Deal With Putin

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the need to get more equipment to Ukraine and reports that President Biden is putting pressure on President Zelenskyy to make a deal with Vladimir Putin. Cornyn says if the reports are true, it is shameful the Biden Administration is putting pressure on Zelenskyy to cut a deal with Putin. Cornyn went on to say, if there is a deal cut, allowing Putin to maintain his position in Eastern Ukraine with Crimea and the land that he has captured so far, this is going to happen again. When asked about the mindset of Putin, Cornyn responded that Putin is not crazy, but he does have fantasies on restoring the Russian Empire. Cornyn says that is the ideology driving Putin and if we think he is going to quit we are fooling ourselves.