Andrew McCarthy On GOP’s ‘Weak’ Line Of Questioning Against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Andrew McCarthy, Fox News Contributor, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney For Southern District Of NY joined the Guy Benson Show to react to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Senate testimony, where Senators from both parties have questioned her record and philosophy.

McCarthy chided the Republican line of questioning of Judge Brown Jackson’s sentencing record saying,

“I not only think it’s weak, I think it’s a tactical blunder because there is a case to be made against Judge Jackson that she undermines the sentencing guidelines, like if we take this, unfortunately, they decided they needed to smear her on child pornography, which is what offended me. I think that’s a terrible thing to to throw at someone, especially if you don’t have the facts to back it up. But there is a case to be made that if you look at her sentences across the board, they are routinely lower than the sentencing guidelines.”