Who is Ketanji Brown Jackson? What to Expect in the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Today marks the start of confirmation hearings for President Biden’s first Supreme Court Justice nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. As Americans prepare for a historic set of hearings in light of Judge Jackson potentially becoming the first U.S. female African American Justice, Democrats and Republicans are both anticipating how the vetting process will play out for the current U.S. Circuit Judge. Tennessee Republican Senator and Judiciary Committee member Marsha Blackburn joins to discuss why she believes Jackson deserves a respectful, yet thorough Senate evaluation, thoughts on the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and the ongoing battle Americans are facing with inflation.

As a former police detective, Mark Fuhrman knows crime. His true crime show, The Fuhrman Diaries is entering its seventh season, premiering tonight on FOX Nation.  This season, audiences can expect episodes covering chilling stories such as Jonestown, the Son of Sam, and Bill Cosby. Fuhrman joins the Rundown to discuss his knowledge of Cosby’s questionable reputation at the height of his fame, the cult of Jim Jones, and how the Onion Field case changed police tactics.

Plus, commentary from FOX News Contributor Joe Concha.