General David Petraeus (Ret) tells Brian Kilmeade Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been exceedingly effective in rallying the world and we saw that again yesterday in his speech to Congress. Petraeus said the Biden Administration already planned to provide a lot of additional military support and security and humanitarian assistance. Petraeus believes Zelenskyy was very powerful not just with the Congress, but with the American people. When asked if we would be able to deliver the military equipment in a timely manner to Ukraine, Petraeus is very confident this can be delivered to their border, but the challenge is that it’s up to the Ukrainian forces to maintain the supply lines and keeping them open. Petraeus is not surprised how Putin is having the Russian army commit atrocities by indiscriminately bombing civilians as they have done in the past. What is different is everyone is effectively a reporter who has a smartphone with access to social media. Petraeus says the world is watching in the way that it was not watching in Grozny, in Chechnya as they demolished entire cities, the same as they did in Aleppo in Syria.

Petraeus also discussed why there is pressure on both Russia and Ukraine to negotiate a deal. In Russia, Petraeus says the economy is collapsing, there is pressure on the oligarchs with the global sanctions along with companies pulling out. Petraeus explained there is also pressure on Zelenskyy because he knows that the battlefield is capricious and big Ukrainian cities can still fall. In addition to that, Petraeus points out the devastating impact on civilians as well as the devastation to their infrastructure which will be with them for probably for decades.