Gen. Jack Keane On Russia-Ukraine War: One Of The Most Significant Miscalculations In Our Lifetime By A Nation State

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

General Jack Keane, retired 4-star general & Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the latest developments in the Russian Ukraine war.

Gen. Keane gave his analysis of the ongoing war saying,

“Yeah, I mean, that is that is the question that none of us know in Russian capability and the strategic issues here, you know, have been able to answer satisfactorily other than the fact that this is one of the most significant miscalculations. Certainly that has been made in our lifetime by a nation-state who was used to using force and certainly has excellent intelligence services in both civilian and military. And yet can so profoundly fail to grasp the implications of what taking charge of the country means to them. You’re absolutely right. I mean this that the Ukrainians will fight them as long as there are Russians on their soil. And I think it puts Putin really on a potential path to some kind of removal from Russia over time, not immediately, but over time as the sanctions take toll.”