Tomi Lahren: Hillary Has Reemerged Because She’s Jealous Of Other Democrats Stealing The Spotlight

Host of “Final Thoughts” on Fox Nation Tomi Lahren joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to react to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech at the New York Democratic Convention.

During her remarks on Thursday, Clinton criticized former President Trump and the GOP. She claimed Republicans allowed Trump to “trash our Democracy”. According to Tomi, Hillary agreed to give this speech because she is desperate for some attention.

“All the headlines Hillary is getting now, I think she loves it. I don’t think she cares about the Durham report. I don’t even think she cares that there are people calling her crooked. I think she has missed it. I think she’s looking at Cuomo, and all the rest of the Democrats and Fauci and quite frankly I think she’s upset that they’ve been stealing her thunder for so long.”

Tomi also shares her thoughts on masks still being mandated in certain parts of the country.

Later, Montana Republican Congressman Matt Rosendale stops by to explain why he and 63 other lawmakers sent a letter to President Biden urging his administration to work with the Canadian government to lift COVID-19 vaccine requirements for cross-border truckers.

To hear what else Tomi and Rep. Rosendale had to say, listen to the podcast!