Rep. Jim Jordan: Durham’s Filing Tells Us There Was An Effort To Frame Former President Trump

Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain how Special Counsel John Durham’s bombshell revelation proves there was a coordinated attempt to frame former President Trump.

According to a recent filing from Durham, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign paid to infiltrate servers belonging to Trump Tower and the White House. Rep. Jordan says this is something that should alarm every American citizen.

“The other thing I thought was interesting about his filing, he used the term ‘creating an inference and a narrative’. When you’re creating an inference and creating a narrative, that’s what we used to call framing somebody. You’re not supposed to do that. When I step back and look at this in the big picture, it was all an effort to get Trump and it was all an effort to frame him for something that was not true and they knew it wasn’t true, and yet they continued to go through with the operation. That’s what this tells us.”

Rep. Jordan also comments on the bill Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin recently signed requiring schools in his state to make masks optional.

Later, American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp stops by to discuss the current state of the country. He also tells Jimmy what to expect at CPAC 2022.

Listen to the podcast to hear what else Rep. Jordan and Matt had to say!