Does Durham Probe Bombshell Point To Clinton?

In 2019, Independent Counsel Robert Mueller investigated Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Recently it has been discovered that Hillary Clinton is at the center of an investigation led by Special Counsel John Durham.  In his filing, Durham alleged that Clinton’s presidential campaign paid an internet company to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump to create a false scandal involving the former president and Russian collusion. Former federal prosecutor and member of Infra Law Firm Jim Trusty joins to discuss his reaction to the filing, concerns of partisanship within the investigation, and his predictions about how the opposing side will approach indictments.

COVID-19 infections and hospitalization rates are lowering since the Omicron surge began in late November, and now many states have begun announcing plans to remove mask mandates from most public indoor settings. However, questions linger about how this changes guidance for students in schools. Former Assistant Secretary for Health and Former Trump Administration Coronavirus Testing Czar Admiral Brett Giroir joins to discuss why it’s unproductive to require children to wear masks, the probability of new COVID-19 variants coming in the future, and the effectiveness of cloth masks against Omicron.

Plus, commentary by FOX News Contributor Deroy Murdock.