Gen. Jack Keane On Russia Ukraine Crisis: ‘I Do Think There Is A Diplomatic Pathway’

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

General Jack Keane, retired 4-star general, the chairman of the Institute for the Study of War and Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the latest developments in Europe as the Russia Ukraine standoff continues.

General Kean reacted to the latest developments saying,

Yeah. Well, I do think there is a diplomatic pathway that certainly Putin is wanting to proceed. We started to see that yesterday as a result of the stage, the TV performance between the foreign minister and Putin. He’s got kind of bizarre and reporting to him like he normally would do by doing it on state television. And they opened up the realistic fact that not all diplomacy has been exhausted and Putin and President Putin agreed with that. We have Putin today also offering a diplomatic pathway forward as a result of his meeting with Chancellor Schulz. So I think while we always have to be skeptical, skeptical about the motivation here and given the history of Putin, it appears that they’re at least for the near term pathway forward diplomatically is ongoing.”