(Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press via AP)

Adam Curry, former MTV VJ and co-host of the “No Agenda” podcast, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the impact of the Canadian trucker protest. Curry says the protest is part of a global protest that is pushback from the middle class against being pushed down by the ruling class, who have a hatred of working class people. On Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Curry says he is a petty man who is there to communicate and take the blows. Curry feels Trudeau is not much different than President Biden “except, you know, the obvious cognition.”

Curry discussed his theory on how the culture of countries impacted their responses and restrictions during the pandemic. With Australia, Curry said they have always been a prison colony and they went straight into complete lockdown. The Netherlands, Curry pointed to them capitulating in World War II within 24 hours and there was not a very strong resistance against locking down. Curry said that was the same with the French. In America, Curry says we typically come back shooting, but we haven’t been pushed far enough. In Canada, Curry says they complain and this time they mean it.

Curry also spoke about the pushback against Joe Rogan. Curry says there are two factions at work against Rogan, one is the woke faction who Curry feels always are making problems for him and the other is mainstream news media. Curry believes podcasting is an open protocol and people should be able to say whatever they want without the threat of cancelation. Curry believes we need to protect Joe Rogan’s sanity and make sure he knows he is loved, appreciated, and respected.