Senator Bill Cassidy: Blue States Are Repealing Covid Mandates Because People Are Sick Of Being Told What To Do

Senator Bill Cassidy MD (R-LA) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about blue states finally repealing Covid mandates and lockdowns. Cassidy pointed to the Johns Hopkins study that showed lockdowns had no impact in reducing the death rate. Cassidy said politicians are responding to the fact Americans are sick of being told what to do by the federal government for things that seem to be, at best, a marginal benefit.

On Ukraine, Cassidy says the Biden policy has been disastrous. Regarding Germany and Nord Stream 2, Cassidy believes the Biden Administration has not given Germany assurances on replacing the energy they would acquire from Russia via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline if they were to agree to shut it down if Russia invades Ukraine. Cassidy also took issue with the Biden administration stopping US offshore leasing and wanting to stop all drilling for oil and gas on public lands. When asked about moving toward electric cars, Cassidy says he is ok with them but if you do a life cycle of the pollution that comes from the mining and the processing of the batteries, it eats away at a lot of the advantage on electric vehicles. Cassidy also said it is heartbreaking the way child labor is exploited in the Congo to get the natural resources needed for electric cars.