Katie Pavlich Blasts D.C Mayor Bowser For Not Addressing Spike In Crime

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Katie Pavlich, Editor for Townhall.com & Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to call out Washington D.C mayor Bowser for not addressing the rise in violent crime while enforcing her strict COVID mandates, causing local business to be shut down.

Pavlich sounded off saying,

“So you’re driving into a part of town where your chances of being shot or carjacked are a million times more likely than getting COVID and dying in that restaurant. And it’s just infuriating to think they’re going after local businesses who employ people who are they’re just trying to earn an honest living. Whether it was the guy working the register, the people in the kitchen, those people are doing the right thing. They’re not out on the street, carjacking innocent people and stealing things from them at gunpoint or at knifepoint. And yet the mayor is more focused on shutting down those kinds of people. It’s not just the business, it’s all the people who work in the business. And it’s a local restaurant that’s been there for years in D.C.. And as you mentioned, these types of crimes are happening every single day, and I really haven’t heard anything about a comprehensive strategy from the mayor to make it stop.”