Dr. Gad Saad, Professor of Marketing at Concordia University and bestselling author of “The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense”, joined Brian Kilmeade to talk about the trucker protests in Canada. Dr. Saad says the mainstream media and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are basically feather and tarring everyone who’s participating in the freedom convoy, as being Nazis and extremists and science deniers. The reality Saad points out is that there are liberals, conservatives, black, white, gay, straight people participating in the protests and it defies any demographic pigeonholing. Saad says the government relies on the fact that most people are cognitively lazy and if they tell them these are just a bunch of trucker extremists, people will nod their head and quietly believe it. Saad also took aim at Trudeau’s leadership and how he initially thought his positions were due to imbecility or his ineptitude and now he thinks that he is a diabolical creature who is detrimental to individual dignity and freedom. When asked about Whoopi Goldberg saying the Holocaust wasn’t about race, Saad called her “grotesque”. Saad spoke of how he and his brother had to leave Lebanon because they are Lebanese Jews and his brother was forced to pursue his Olympian aspirations representing Lebanon while living in France. Saad said he doesn’t want to hear about Whoopie Goldberg whining about American racism when someone like him was growing up as a child and didn’t know whether I was going to live from second-to-second. Saad believes the problem with the West right now is everything is judged according to an orgiastic competition of who’s the greatest victim. Saad said, “While I was a true victim Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t. Get over it. Be grateful for what you have and stop whining.”