Shannon Bream: Justice Breyer Was Not Planning To Announce Retirement Today, Was Caught Off Guard By News Leak

Listen To the Full Interview Below:

Shannon Bream, chief legal correspondent & anchor of FOX News @ Night with Shannon Bream joined the Guy Benson Show to share her reporting on the news that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is set to retire.

Bream expanded on her earlier reporting saying,

“Yeah, so I’ve got a little bit more clarity on that. I was given the word upset and I’m told that that is a bit much that there. Listen, he totally made this decision. It was going to happen very, very soon, but not today. And that might be better. I’m told to describe him as surprised that this played out today. It was certainly not what he was planning and caught him off guard. But he’d fully made the decision, never felt pressured by this. Had had worked through it. Listen, he’s 83, has a long legacy on the court and felt like the timing was right for him to go. But I’m told he was not planning to announce that today.”