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Nikki Haley, Former Governor of South Carolina, Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Founder of Stand For America PAC joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the many ongoing foreign policy disasters facing the Biden administration.

Haley unloaded on President Biden saying,

Nikki Haley: It’s really important that everybody look at the end of the Olympics, it’s the reason that we didn’t want and and the reason I pushed so hard for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics is because if they get a pass and we get past these Olympics and we still look weak, they’re going to do whatever they want because they can. And that’s the dangerous part of the next three years is honestly for the good of our country. If Biden loved our country, he would step down and take Kamala with him because the foreign policy situation is beyond dangerous at this point. And you know, when you don’t have a strong America, you don’t have a safe world and that’s what’s getting ready to happen. And you know, my only hope and prayer is that they get it together and realize this isn’t about America. This isn’t about, you know, Nato. This is about all of us. This is about safety, this strength and this is about freedom winning.

Guy Benson: Ambassador Haley, did you just call on the president and vice president to resign?

Nikki Haley: I mean, look at the situation, we are in a dangerous situation. He destroyed Afghanistan. He’s put us in the situation with Russia. He has no plan for Taiwan. And you’re sending our our athletes over to Beijing for the Olympics. And you’ve said nothing about how you’re going to protect them when they’re over there. They’ve literally been threatened and told if they say anything against the government, they will be punished. Where is the protection for Americans? I mean, literally, he has failed on every level. And then you look domestically. You look at the fact that crime is hitting our streets. You look at the fact that our kids, we’ve got an entire COVID generation that we’re going to be lucky if they graduate from high school. At this point, if we keep these schools closed and keep taking on these teachers unions, you’ve got a border where you allowed 200000 illegal immigrants to cross last month alone. All of this has been a catastrophe on every level. That’s not me speaking politically. That’s me speaking as a as a loving person of America whose parents came here because they saw the greatness of it, the wife of a combat veteran who fought in Afghanistan.