Peter Doocy Reveals Biden Never Said ‘Sorry’ In Phone Call Following Profane Hot Mic Insult

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Peter Doocy, Fox News Channel’s White House Correspondent joined the Guy Benson Show to react to President Biden calling him a ‘stupid son of a b—-‘ after asking a question on inflation during a White House event.

Doocy revealed the President never used the word ‘Sorry’ during his brief phone call with the President after the incident saying,

Doocy: “Hey, you could say that. But. When the president calls from the Oval Office and he says it’s nothing personal, pal. And you know, I wasn’t particularly upset about what had happened anyway. I think that that’s enough just to kind of put it behind us. And I know now how much attention people pay to off color comments like that from the president. But I think that he wanted to just clear the air and he wanted to address it, and he wanted to make sure that he didn’t that I didn’t think he was talking to me in a malicious way. And so it was a nice call. We talked for a couple of minutes right after I did Brett Baer show last night.”

Guy: “So the word sorry was not expressed.”

Doocy: “It was not. But that’s OK.”