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Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-WI/8) joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the showdown between Russia and the U.S over Ukraine.

Congressman Gallagher gave his thoughts on the Biden administration’s handling of the Russia Ukraine showdown saying,

“Well, I think starting with the Biden administration, we’re sending very mixed signals right now. For instance, there was a report today that we’re telling you about 8500 troops to be on alert. At the same time, the State Department is preparing to evacuate personnel from the US Embassy in Kiev. So now the same Biden team that brought you the bungled evacuation from Afghanistan may get a chance to do it again because of course, nobody was fired after the Afghanistan fiasco, and we should not have confidence in Secretary Blinken’s ability to effectuate an evacuation. And here we are a year into the Biden administration and you can literally measure America’s global retreat by the number of embassies we’re evacuating. And how many more do we need to evacuate before Team Biden understands that their foreign policy is not working.”

Gallagher also reacted to the evacuation of U.S embassy in Ukraine saying,

It’s a preemptive surrender. It is. It is a preemptive surrender and a recognition that this administration is not actually serious about deterring Russia.”