President Biden marked the end of his first year with a nearly two-hour-long news conference this week.

He emphasized what he believes to be many of his accomplishments, as he fended off tough questions about issues ranging from his stalled agenda, his response to the COVID pandemic, and increasing tensions with Russia.

Following Wednesday’s news conference, Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen and Former Senior Advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry Marie Harf joined host Lisa Brady on The FOX News Rundown to break down the presser and the President’s first year in office.

The two FOX contributors debated the President’s performance, whether his numerous attacks on Republicans were justified and how he should handle the number of challenges on his plate.

Due to time limitations, we could not include the entire panel discussion in our original segment. On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear the entire discussion between Marc Thiessen and Marie Harf and hear more of their analysis of the President’s first year in office.