Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Ukraine, reiterating American support as fear of a Russian invasion grows. Blinken will also meet with Russian officials Friday in Geneva in hopes of keeping diplomacy alive. Indiana Republican Congresswoman Victoria Spartz is a Ukrainian-American, who was born in the country when it was part of the Soviet Union. Rep. Spartz discusses how the Biden Administration should be addressing Russia as fear of war looms.

Wednesday, January 19th marks just one day prior to President Biden’s first full year in office and he is set to hold his first press conference of the new year. The Biden administration has faced many challenges recently with rising inflation, the Omicron variant, and a stalled legislative agenda. Howard Kurtz, host of “MediaBUZZ” on the FOX News Channel and the Media BUZZMeter podcast joins to weigh in on how the President must navigate his press conference and how he must change the current narrative surrounding his administration.

Plus, commentary by Fox News contributor Liz Peek.