Rep. Kevin Brady: If President Donald Trump Wants To Run Again, He’s Going To Be Our Nominee

Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX), Ranking Member House Ways & Means Committee, tells Brian Kilmeade that it is clear President Biden bungled the economy in a big way during his first year in office. Brady says we should have had a banner year with the economy in 2021 based on what President Biden inherited from President Trump and instead we saw President Biden repeal three years of wage growth and take his eye off covid and dismissed and denied inflation and worker shortages while pursuing an extremist socialist spending plan. On the democrat sponsored voting rights bill, Brady doesn’t believe it has a chance unless progressives would be willing to walk away from everything they care about to resurrect the bill and Brady doesn’t see that happening. Brady also defended Texas voting law and how it has expanded early voting and added hours including on Sunday. Brady says there is not statewide voter suppression and the democrats are pushing a big lie in order to have a federal takeover of elections.

Plus, Brady thinks if President Donald Trump runs again he will be the Republican nominee in 2024.