As America continues to deal with the supply chain crisis, customers are finding that many products are missing from shelves, and those that are there are more expensive than before.

Images of empty produce and juice aisles have been all over the news and internet, but what’s the story behind the empty shelves?

Stew Leonard Jr, the CEO of the Stew Leonard’s supermarket chain, joined host Chris Foster earlier this week to explain why there are shortages of so many products and his industry is coping with inflation.

Leonard discussed how transportation issues, red tape, and the current COVID surge are playing a role.

Due to time limitations, we could not include all of the interview in our original segment. On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear our entire conversation with Stew Leonard Jr and hear more of his take on America’s supply chain issues. He also weighs in on how the grocery store industry is changing due to labor costs and whether or not shoppers should expect more self-checkout lanes.