During his trip to Atlanta Tuesday, President Biden pushed the Democrats’ voting rights bill and even endorsed making changes to the Senate filibuster rules to pass the legislation. He said it was important to make sure elections aren’t “tainted by partisan manipulation.” Republican Florida Senator Rick Scott weighs in with how the voters’ right legislation is designed to favor Democrats, whether he thinks the filibuster rule will be changed and how this issue could impact the 2022 midterms. Senator Scott also weighs in on the White House’s handling of the recent COVID surge.

The Biden administration’s Justice Department is creating a new unit focused on countering domestic terrorism, with Assistant Attorney General Olson stating the U.S. now faces an “elevated threat from domestic violent extremists.” Former Assistant Director of the FBI and former FBI agent, Chris Swecker joins to discuss whether a new national division is warranted given the threat, why international terrorism remains the United States’ most significant terror threat, and how political rhetoric is impacting what is labeled domestic violent extremism.

Plus, commentary by FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren.