South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to detail how her state has experienced rapid population growth over the past few years.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March of 2020, many states across the country have put in place restrictions such as stay-at-home orders, mask mandates and vaccine requirements for businesses. Governor Noem says she took a different approach to dealing with the virus. According to her, this strategy has led to a thriving economy in South Dakota.

“We literally did not close a single business or even define what an essential business would be because I didn’t believe that governors had that authority. Right now, we are at a historic point in South Dakota’s history. We have never been as strong as we’ve been in our 133-year history. Our economy is booming. We’re growing fast. Our population has grown nine times faster than the national average since I’ve been Governor. That’s what we needed to do in order to keep taxes low and to keep our infrastructure in place. We were losing people and we turned that around now. We have such incredible challenges coming from the federal government that it seems like I went from dealing constantly with COVID taking 100 percent of my time to COVID still taking 50 percent of my time and now trying to fight the federal government.”

Governor Noem also explains to Jimmy why she has pushed back against the teaching of critical race theory in South Dakota schools.

Later, Georgia Republican Congressman Jody Hice returns to the show to celebrate the Bulldogs’ big win in the College Football National Championship game. Rep. Hice also shares his thoughts on President Biden saying there is voter suppression happening in his state. Plus, comedian Nick Di Paolo discusses mask mandates and why he believes Biden is just a Trojan horse for the Democrats’ radical agenda.

Listen to the podcast to hear what else Governor Noem, Rep. Hice and Nick all had to say!