Robert O’Brien, National Security Advisor to President Trump, spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the difference between Project Warp Speed under the Trump Administration compared to how the Biden Administration is handling the current COVID surge. O’Brien says the left made COVID a political issue against President Trump and didn’t want to talk about the fact it came from China and covered up by the Chinese Communist Party. When asked if there should be a full boycott of the Olympics in China, O’Brien doesn’t want the athletes to miss their opportunity to compete but feels with the genocide taking place against the Uyghurs, American companies should think twice about advertising during the Olympics. O’Brien feels American companies are going to have to live down the shame for many, many years when the truth comes out about the genocide. O’Brien also discussed the one year anniversary of January 6th. O’Brien said the people that are so concerned about January 6th are the same people that are now threatening and blackmailing the Supreme Court, saying if they don’t rule a certain way, they’re going to pack the court. O’Brien says they want to change the constitutional status of Washington, D.C., a mid-sized city that’s controlled by the Democrats.

Plus, O’Brien on supporting President Trump if he runs in 2024