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Kennedy, Host of Kennedy on the Fox Business Network joined the Guy Benson Show to talk about the Biden administration’s failing covid strategy and China’s culpability.

Kennedy blasted China saying,

“I’ve just been, you know, like in my house. The entire two and a half weeks I walk around going screw China the Biden administration sucks. They don’t take anything seriously. They’re not telling us the truth. I’m really mad at China, and I feel like there has been absolutely no transparency or accountability. And you know what they’ve done in terms of covering up what they know about the virus is a crime against humanity, and there’s no other way to see it. And the fact that this administration has not been putting the screws to China on a number of things, but especially this. when you have eight hundred thousand dead Americans and they’re dead because of this virus and this virus originated in China, and there’s much more we need to know about this to make any conclusive declaration. But so far, the the evidence it it’s not coming in in China’s favor.”