JD Vance: Will We Wake Up In A Country Where If You Have Not Had A 10th Booster You Can’t Earn A Living?

JD Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy” and Ohio Senate Candidate, tells Brian Kilmeade pushing boosters for children between 12-15 is crazy and asks why the FDA isn’t doing the normal review process for boosting children. Vance is disappointed that our society has lost its ability to assess risk and do any reasonable cost benefit analysis with Covid. Vance is worried about kids falling behind again in schools over covid. Vance says we can’t keep our children inside until Covid goes away because we have to learn how to live a reasonable life despite it. Vance is also concerned that we will wake up in a country in two years where it you’ve not had your 10th booster shot, you’re not allowed to earn a living for your family.