‘It’s Inexplicable’, Mollie Hemingway On Omicron COVID School Lockdowns

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor at The Federalist, Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the surge in covid omicron cases, that are causing schools to close and go virtual.

Hemingway said,

“It’s inexplicable. I don’t quite understand it here in the D.C. area. D.C. schools are closed. Maryland schools are closed. But Virginia schools are not closed. And so I do think that is indicative that people understood the elections in Virginia were a response in part to extreme outrage over the lockdowns and the banning children from schools. And you know, in my town, it has had horrific effects on the general youth population. It’s well known I live in a place that’s extremely blue, but people really oppose these school lockdowns and banning children from school because it was so bad for the mental health of the kids, for their general community well-being. But I don’t understand why. Just across the river, just across the border, in these other areas, they’re continuing these horrific policies.”