FOX News Rundown EXTRA: What’s President Biden’s Plan To Address Russia, China And Other Threats?

The threat of Russia invading Ukraine intensified this past week, with Russian President Vladimir Putin telling his top military officials that Western powers interfering can expect him to “react harshly” with an “adequate military-technical response.”

As tensions build, The U.S. and NATO have pledged to support a free Ukraine as Russia continues to amass troops on Ukraine’s border.

Recently, Fox’s Jessica Rosenthal spoke with Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby about how the Biden administration intends to prepare for contingencies as Russia increases pressure, how NATO would respond to the aggression against Ukraine, and what preparation was being done to combat potential Russian cyberattacks. Kirby also discussed the ongoing fallout from America’s exit from Afghanistan and how the U.S. can protect national security interests in regard to China.

Due to the length of the interview, we had to edit our original segment. On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear even more of our conversation with Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby and learn more of how the Biden administration is responding to critical issues like Russia and China, but also how they will address extremism in the ranks and the recent report U.S. airstrikes in the Middle East have killed thousands of civilians over the years.