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New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, joined the Guy Benson Show to react to President Biden’s speech on how his administration is planning to tackle the recent surge in covid cases heading into the winter months and weighed in on the Republicans chances of flipping one of New Hampshire’s senate seats to the Republicans.

Governor Sununu weighed in on the upcoming New Hampshire Senate race saying,

” Oh, without a doubt. I mean, that would. That played into the calculus? It wasn’t just Chris Sununu being the 51st vote. I think the Senate can win 53 or 54 seats. I think New Hampshire is definitely in play and will likely be a Republican. Flip the Democrat to Republican flip next year. We have a couple of decent candidates that are likely going to battle it out in a primary. And frankly, that’s a good thing too. It gives us a lot of momentum, and Senator Hanson is very well known. People know what she’s about. Her poll numbers are terrible. They ain’t going anywhere. They’re really not. She’s not going to convince voters that all of a sudden that she’s somebody that she’s clearly not. She doesn’t connect with people she hasn’t been in. Literally just has not been in the state for years until the campaign. And this is New Hampshire. Maybe that flies in other states. But in New Hampshire, you know, you got to be here and you’ve got to be engaging. So without a doubt, I really do feel like this is going to be a very flippable dem to Republican seat, even without me running.”