Senator Bill Cassidy: President Biden Used To Be Like Joe Manchin & Is Now More Like Bernie Sanders

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about how the Omicron variant shows us we are going to be going through wave after wave of different variants and we have to learn how to live with it. Cassidy strongly urges people to get vaccinated as the best chance to avoid being hospitalized. When asked if he felt lied to after President Biden said he is not passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill without the reconciliation bill, Cassidy said absolutely he felt lied to but felt there was no way what came out of the House would pass the Senate. Cassidy agreed with Senator McConnell that the democrats fracture will not get better before the mid-terms in 2022. Cassidy says the democrat party would have to go against the radical left of their party and they won’t be able to because they’re captive to their far left agenda.

Cassidy also discussed his exchange with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky where she refused to answer how many CDC employees are physically at their desks working. Cassidy says he has seen credible evidence that there are tens of thousands of government employees who have not worked since the pandemic started and a whole swath of people that have not worked from home while still getting paid.