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Janice Dean, Senior Meteorologist for FNC & NY Times bestselling author joined the Guy Benson Show to react to news reports that reveal, Chris and Andrew Cuomo plotted to discredit as she sounded the alert of covid nursing home deaths.

Janice reacted to the reports that the Cuomo brothers tried to discredit her saying,

“No, I wasn’t surprised. Obviously, I don’t want to see my name associated with the B-word or know that people are going through my tweets and articles to try to find proof of right wing crazy lunatic behavior. But that’s what they do. They try to silence you. And I learned very early on you and I have had very a lot of discussions from the very beginning of this and a good friend of mine who knows the family very, very well told me. Watch your back. And he was very serious. He said These people will go after you in any way they can, whether it’s through your taxes, whether it’s through, you know, trying to get lies published about you.”