Cal Thomas Gives His Take on the State of the Country, and the True Meaning of Christmas

The ever witty and always keenly aware of what’s wrong and right in the world… syndicated columnist and former Fox News contributor Cal Thomas, has a lot to say about the state of America, the condition of the human heart… and the true meaning of Christmas. Cal’s latest book, America’s Expiration Date, gives him plenty of material to draw upon as he takes a sober look at the clues that signal America’s downfall. But then he also gives the Good News about the solution to which this season of joy points. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Cal gives a candid analysis of the three major precursors that have historically caused the downfall of great civilizations: massive debt, uncontrolled immigration without assimilation, and loss of shared values… and shows how America is on the path of all three.  But then there’s the hope of Christmas and what it brings to all who believe…. and his quote at the end that says understanding the true meaning of Christmas, of a babe born in a manger, of a world hungry for hope… begins first in our hearts.