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Mara Liasson, national political correspondent for NPR & Fox News Contributor Press Secretary joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss her recent questioning of White House Press Secretary Jen Paski over at home COVID tests.

Liasson detailed the exchange saying,

“Well, I was a little surprised. But you know what? Press secretaries have a hard job. I think she’s generally one of the best of them. And yeah, it was it was a little strange. But what I asked was pretty simple, which is why not make more tests available for less money? Other countries have been able to do this. The U.K., I think, gives them out for free. You can just walk into a pharmacy and scoop up a bunch of tests and do it up at home. Germany, I think they cost a buck apiece equivalent. So other countries have been able to test more, and one of President Biden’s planks in his new winter plan to fight COVID is much more testing. So I was just asking her why not make them more widely available and cheaper? And she said, Well, should we, send one to every person, every household? I said, Well, maybe I don’t know, but I’m just wondering why you haven’t been able to do that. So she was a little defensive.”