This debate was most recently highlighted by a case out of Waukesha, Wisconsin and a man who is accused of killing several people with his car by driving through a Christmas parade. The suspect was on a thousand dollars bail even though he had a long criminal history and had just been accused of running over the mother of his child.

Earlier this week, host Jessica Rosenthal spoke to former Justice Department Prosecutor and current partner at IFRAH LAW, Jim Trusty about why we have a bail system, how it can be improved, and why some bail reform polices go too far.

Trusty listed some ideas that could help both keep the community safe, but also prevent some people from staying in jail for days, weeks, or even years before they even go trial.

The original interview was too long and we couldn’t include all of it in our segment. On The FOX News Rundown EXTRA, you will hear our entire conversation with former prosecutor Jim Trusty and hear his entire take on bail reform, plus what he thinks are behind the recent surge in organized retail thefts.