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Peter Doocy, Fox News Channel’s White House Correspondent joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss his recent questioning of Dr. Anthony Facui over new Covid testing requirements for travelers entering the United States by plane versus illegally through the southern border.

Doocy said,

“So two things about that. Number one, you’re right. COVID is COVID, whether you are walking or flying, whether you are doing something legally or illegally, the variant does not seem to discriminate. The second thing, though, about what Dr. Fauci told me, he said there, yeah, there’s testing that happens at the border under certain circumstances. During that briefing, our Fox correspondent Bill Melugin who is at the border all the time texted me, and he said, that is not. Really, even close to accurate, the only testing that is done, CBP does not test people that they catch. You got to take the sick people to a non-governmental organization. Some of them then get tested, some of them get stuck in a hotel. And as we saw this summer, they don’t even tell the people at the hotel or the people in town, the local cop, that they got a bunch of COVID positive border crossers right under their noses. And so it is a big, big loophole in this big new policy that is so strict for everybody else.